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Penglai belongs to Yantai County in Shangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China. Penglai Pavilion which sits atop Danya Mountain is crowned one of the “Four Famous Pavilions in China”
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This is recorded that Emperor Wu from the Han dynasty came to Shandong on several occasions seeking the ‘fairyland of Penglai’ as legend has it that this is where the 8 immortals of Chinese mythology cross the sea. 


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 This photo is taken near the West Gate leading to Penglai Pavilion which is part of a large complex of ancient buildings, palaces & temples which covers about 18,900sq km.
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Depicted here in a small temple are the 8 Immortals who got drunk at Penglai Pavilion before using their special powers to cross the sea.
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Numerous calligraphic works by famous writers, stone inscriptions & couplets hung on the columns of halls can be seen everywhere as it was once the literary gathering place for renowned scholars & poets.
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Not only is Penglai Pavilion a good place to witness a magical mirage, it is also a good place to catch a magnificent sun rise. 
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This charming side of Penglai Water City with the ancient fishing boats is sadly no more, instead modern motor boats & yachts which take tourists out to sea are moored here. This ancient naval base built around 1376 during the Ming dynasty is most complete & was designated a national cultural relic in 1982 along with Penglai Pavilion.

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