The first stop in Port Campbell National Park…. Gibson Steps
The amazing view at Gibson Steps; an area of cliffs on the Southern coast of Australia
Walking down the steep steps that descend to the sandy beach below
Look at the sheer limestone cliffs that rise about 70m above lovely beach
Ascophyllum nodosum washed ashore on the fine sandy beach. This brown seaweed form single bladders centrally in long, strap like fronds & reproduction takes place in the beautiful yellow receptacles during Spring
Mog, one of the 2 prominent rock stacks that are seen from the beach at Gibson Steps
This beach is popular for fishing & surfing but cautions for rip tides, undertow at the wave breaking zone & the occasional shark is advised
A full view of the Gibson Steps which is a staircase that leads down to a long stretch of beach which was believed to be carved into the cliff by the original inhabitants the Kirrae Whurrong & later maintained by a local settler, Hugh Gibson
The winds are pretty strong & the surfs are getting bigger, with the tide pushing further inshore. I thought for a moment…. I should not wander too far off or I might have to scramble back to safety at the Gibson Steps
Gog & Magog (hidden behind) are stand alone limestone rock stacks that have been pounded by wave, weather & wind erosion over millions of years
Gibson Steps is about 2km away from Port Campbell & the 12 Apostles
A great spot to visit with fantastic views, matched with beautiful sunny weather


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