Detailed map of the entire Okuma Private Beach & Resort.
This is the Garden Villa where we stayed the night which is roomy enough for 4 pax. The villas are  nicely spaced out & are encircled by greenery.
Bougainvillea spectabilis also known as Great Bougainvillea is a flowering species of shrub that originated from South America. The heart shaped leaves are thorny & the white flowers small & inconspicuous but are highlighted by modified leaves called bracts. This fuchsia pink bract is very vibrant & attractive but the colours can vary from white, pink, mauve, purple-red to orange.
The Garden Villa has an adjoining verandah & it feels comfortable here just like home away from home.
This is the Grand Cottage section which features Asian-style rooms with a luxurious atmosphere &  a sense of privacy. 
Grand Cottages illuminated at night.  Guests staying at the Grand Cottage, Grand Cottage Maisonnette 64 & Grand Cottage Masionnette 125 enjoy the use of the Exclusive lounge at Club Shiokaze during meal times & to hang out,  practically all day.
The Palm Cottages are closest to the Carpark (at the back) & the Beach. It makes a great base for going to the sea, enjoying Yanbaru’s natural environment & the various marine activities at Okuma Beach. Even the colourful buildings seem to hint at the more active guests’ preferences.
Reflections on the moat surrounding the frontage of the Palm Cottages.
We  enjoyed the sumptuous buffet breakfast spread at the Surfside Cafe situated on the left side in this photo. There are 7 different food & beverage outlets at the resort to relax & enjoy your meals.
Bashful Water Lilies just unfurling.
Surfside Cafe on the left where we had buffet breakfast  & Iju Restaurant right in front of the lily pond that serves Japanese & Okinawan local Cuisine.
This is the pier where the Boats are moored for boarding & disembarkation. The resort has recently been renamed Okuma Private Beach & Resort under the Nikko Hotels International group.
It is lit up & shines like a gem in the night. The bell was very inviting & I could not resist ringing it gently just once.
The main entrance to the reception area of Okuma Private Beach & Resort.
Walking towards the Shopping area – Plumeria
The Marine House is where the Beach Information Desk is located & honestly the activities available on any good day is truly amazing. The Oasis is a beach cafe with the seating capacity of 65 & you can enjoy lunch & the bar from 4pm to 11pm daily.
View of the pier from the deck of the Marine House.
Entering the fountain courtyard of the Okuma Felicia Church.
Inside the modern chapel that has glass panels & furnishing that gives an airy & feeling of lightness with a good view of the sea. It is a perfect  venue for a romantic, quiet & intimate wedding.
Rentals of Yacht, Canoe, Marine Walker, Windsurf Board, U Tube Giant Float & Stand Up Paddlers are available for your picking.
Lazing by the poolside is not a bad idea,  to catch up on your reading or have a drink at the bar of Club Shiokaze right beside you.
A  5min Banana Boat or Rocket Board Ski Biscuit costs ¥1,000 a pop. Or how about a Glass-bottom Boat Tour to get out there & see the exotic fish in the ocean.
This resort is comfortable & set in a secluded private beach making it a sub-tropical paradise.
The luxurious guest cottages & apartments are scattered throughout the spacious area, a stone’s throw from the beautiful white sandy beach.
The swim bay is cordoned off & the beach patrolled by lifeguards to ensure the safety of the swimmers & those enjoying recreational water activities.
In the cool of the morning, when the sun is just rising from the east.
It is about 6am now & the beach is quiet but in about an hour’s time, people will come out to play. In the summer, this beach would be bustling with activity.
A simple yet sweet declaration of love fashioned out of seashells & corals found on Okuma Beach.
The first family to hit the beach this morning & the boy is picking seashells by the seashore. 
Okuma Beach faces the East China Sea & is part of Kunigami Village in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
Never a dull moment, as this guy gamely allows his buddies to bury him in the sand.
 In the distance northwest of Okuma is Akamaku Misaki (Akamaku Cape) which has an elevation of 22m. Can you spot a tilted face in the rocks? As the sunshine got stronger, the sand started drying out & looked  whiter in appearance. 

Okuma Beach is surrounded by beautiful views of the East China Sea & there are different facilities from camping to luxurious resort to enjoy the great outdoors & a wide array of land & water recreation. It is a great place to relax & get away from the hustle & bustle of city life & to…… simply chill!


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