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I first came across the word ‘Wanderlust’ as a 15 year old studying Thomas Hardy’s “Mayor of Casterbridge” during literature class. It got me thinking about how exciting it must be to get on a jet plane and fly to a far-off place.

Strangely, it was a Cathay Pacific airline advert featuring Japan in Autumn that captivated me. My daydreams gradually translated into reality as I began saving furiously to go to the Land of the Rising Sun. Bitten by the travel bug ever since, I have not stopped travelling and will jump at every chance I get.

Journeying through different parts of the world has not only been exciting, it has opened my eyes and widened my mental horizon indelibly. Different cultures, lifestyles, architecture and cuisine has taught me to be adaptable and tolerant.

I live somewhere in South East Asia, in a country that is seen as a Red-dot on most world maps. A tiny but ‘fine’ country where many trivial things could cost you lots of money like tossing a cigarette butt on the ground and even more interestingly…. where chewing gum is banned! If you have not already guessed by now where in the world I live….. it’s the sunny island of Singapore, my country and my home.

Many a times I have been asked which country I liked best. Honestly, I cannot in all fairness give a straight answer. Every country and place has her own beauty and rhythm and even for the seemingly glaring ‘flaws’, I choose to live and let live! Being different is not neccesarily good or bad.

So this blog is about my passion for travelling, photography, writing and awesome food.

Come away with me!

4 Replies to “About Travelikeme”

  1. Hi,
    Was reading your travel blog at the recommendation of Lim Lye Liang. Very impress with your travel blog.. Good for my reference when I intent to go travelling. Keep on writing. Jia Yew.

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