Thousands visit this scenic spot in Jiuzhaigou

It was just 4 deg Celsius in the morning in late October and we made our way to the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park by 8am. As expected the crowd was thickening and there was a mad scramble for tickets. We did well to charter a bus (RMB9500 shared amongst 36 pax) to take us around the different valleys and scenic spots exclusively. Waiting for the buses that plied within the national park was going to be a hustle with everyone trying to squeeze their way onboard. Another plus was that we could linger a little longer at spots we liked and to also break away from the general route taken by the public buses carrying visitors within the park.

Wuhua Lake in a technicolour

October is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou because the weather is cold but not freezing; there is plenty of sunshine and the autumn colours are anything but short of amazing.

Dead trees add to the interesting landscape

Seeing the pristine Wuhua Lake for the first time, I was truly taken in by the spectrum of colours and texture that jumped out at me. They were contrasting and yet complimenting at the same time. Ancient fallen trees criss-crossing the lake made an interesting landscape tapestry.

Different shades of blue and green on the waters

Glistening turquoise, green, blue and even almost blackish colours nominate the surface of Wuhua Lake which translates to mean “Five Flower Lake”.


I love how the light and shadows cast their silhouette on the lake and the way the waters mirror the beautiful surroundings.

Autumn leaves in Jiuzhaigou

Now I fully understand why Jiuzhaigou has been called a “Fairyland” as this place exudes a stillness and charm that seems to permeate the soul and fill one’s heart with a longing to stay here and to return again and again.

This has to be one of the world’s most beautiful lakes

If a picture could paint a thousand words… then this is that very picture for me! In my mind’s eye, I could see celestial beings frolicking in the tranquil lake.

Wuhua Lake in the Rize Valley of Jiuzhaigou

Nothing short of fascinating and magical; what an exhilarating morning walk this was. I am totally captivated and awed by this magical place. Seeing is believing!

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