The Hanging Rock in Victoria Australia is known by many names: some call it Mount Diogenes, other’s know it as Dryden’s Rock and the traditional owners as Ngannelong.
There is a cafe at the Hanging Rock Discovery Centre where you can have a bite and there is a A$10.00 parking fee to enter the reserve. We were visited by a flock of Crimson Rosella that are native to eastern and south eastern Australia. These pretty parrots are medium sized measuring about 36cm long, much of which is tail.
There is very little sexual dimorphism in Crimson Rosellas except that the Males are up to 15% larger in size and they also have a relatively larger and wider beak. The bill is pale grey and the iris, dark brown.
An asphalt tarred path takes you to the top in a winding way but there is shorter route up a steep flight of steps that brings you to the top if you do not have the luxury of time.
We catch a glimpse of the distinctive geological formation in Central Victoria, Australia.
A former volcano it lies on the plain of 2 small townships of Newham and Hesket about 70km northwest of Melbourne and a few kilometres north of Mount Macedon.
This path leads to the short cut up to the top.
In the middle of the 19th century, the Aboriginal occupants of the place; the tribes of Dja Dja Wurrung, Woi Wurrung and Tonguing were forced out but they have continued to maintain cultural and spiritual connections with the place.
The settler colonialist society used the place for recreation and tourism and it came under private and government control over the years.
Hanging Rock is a “mamelon” a rock formation created by eruption of relatively thick or stiff lava through a narrow vent in the bedrock.
The lava being not fluid, does not flow away but instead congeals around the narrow vent resulting in a small hill or mound on the surface.
The outflow from successive eruptions form additional layers forming piles that may stand over 100m above the surrounding area.
View of the “Hanging Rock” over the path that leads up to the summit which broadly gives the whole site its name.
Vibrant green mosses and lichen flourish in this damp shady rock surface painting a verdant tapestry.
Going under the “Hanging Rock” which is wedged in between other boulders; balanced quite precariously!
Created 6.25 million years ago, this mamelon composing of soda trachyte was originally magma cooled and contracted and split into rough columns. These weathered over time to form the many pinnacles that can be seen today.
Do you see what I see? A scowling monster!
The summit of Hanging Rock is about 718m above sea level. The magnificent view of Mount Macedon and the surrounding plains is worth the climb.
Hanging Rock is the centrepiece of Hanging Rock Recreation Reserve, a public reserve managed by the Macedon Ranges Shire Council.

Hanging Rock Recreation Reserve includes a horse racing track, picnic grounds, a creek, an interpretation centre and a cafe. Listed under the Victorian Heritage Register as a place of historical importance, aesthetic and social significance in the State of Victoria, Australia.

This reserve is a habitat for endemic flora and fauna including koalas, possums, wallabies, phascogales, wedge-tailed eagles and kookaburras.

Hanging Rocks Reserve has also been the venue of outdoor concerts held by major international acts like Rod Stewart, The Eagles, Cold Chisel, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, Midnight Oil and Elton John during their Australian leg of tours.

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