This is Kalafatis Beachfront which is my favourite in all of Mykonos. It is situated 12km on the eastern part of the island, away from the touristy beaches and “far from the maddening crowd.” Just 25mins by Car from Mykonos Town, it is also accessible by bus.
Rocks line part of the water’s edge and add charm to this clean and rather secluded beach with crystal clear water that is cold at this time of the year. A few hotels and holiday apartments, restaurants and bars are located in the vicinity as well.
This lovely beach and turquoise sea is beckoning everyone to come have a cooling dip after sunbathing. Deck chairs can be rented in high season and strong winds makes this an ideal spot for windsurfing and also a range of other water sports. Diving is available if you would like to explore the Aegean Sea underwater!
The idyllic landscape, golden sands, turquoise crystalline waters, lush trees and beautiful sunshine….speaks for itself.

I can’t think of a more interesting way to unwind and have pure fun then this in summer. Whether you are coming here to pump up your adrenaline or just laze and chill by the sea, you will find all you need to enjoy yourself no holds barred!

Kalafatis Beach

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