A detailed map of Uruma City which shows the Kaichu Doro & some of the places of interest on Hamihiga, Miyaki & Henza Islands that are all connected by bridges.
We took shelter from intermittent rainfall & strong winds at Kaichu-Doro’s Ayahashi-Kan which is a cultural museum on the 2nd level with a foodstuff & souvenir hall on the 1st floor. When the weather got a bit better we drove on & eventually got to Ikei Island & their popular beach front.
Ikei Island, Miyagi Island & Henza Island are part of Yonashiro Town & the Kaichu-Doro which is a 4.7km inter-island highway that slices through the sea in a straight line connecting Katsuren Peninsula & Henza Island, linking all the 3 islands together.
When we arrived at Ikei Beach, it was not surprising to find quite a fair number of people there in the afternoon. It seemed like the rain was no dampener of spirits at all.
Overcast skies remained even after an earlier heavy downpour.Now that it has cleared the folks are out for some fun.
Fancy hanging on to a float that is towed by a Jet-ski? There you go… it can get a little bumpy when there is a tiny swell.
This little beach on Ikei Island is packed with different activities for the entire family and is nestled in a cove with a rocky outcrop that adds to the charm of the place.
These boys created a game just by pushing away  friends who were trying to climb on to the tiny floating platform.
Even the little ones are having a field day splashing each other & enjoying a refreshing dip in the sea.
This remote beach area is a gem because the water temperature is perfect for swimming and the little rock stacks act like breakwaters making it a safe place to swim.
Ikei Beach which faces the Pacific Ocean is  only about a km long. It is such a picturesque beach with soft fine sand and clear turquoise waters though we only see a hint here because of the overcast skies.
One of the limestone stacks that is less than a km away from the beach.
At low tide it is quite possible to walk across from the extreme left end of Ikei Beach but swimmers are discouraged from swimming across the lagoon or climbing the rocks.
Friends  hanging out & enjoying a great day at the beach; sportingly posing for me with a “chii-zu “- cheese smile!
Paddle boats, Banana boats, Jet skis, Glass bottom Boat Tours to see the coral reefs; there is plenty to do if you have a day to spend at Ikei Beach besides bumming around.
There is rental for most of the equipment you need for the sea sporting activities including baby float-rings, wetsuits, life vests etc. Lockers & showers are available & there are ample parking lots at Ikei Beach. Admission fees is ¥400 for adults ¥300 for children & free entry for kids under 3.

[caption id="attachment_5423" align="aligncenter" width="5472"]IMG_0370 With Hawaiian music playing, gentle hula dancing & swinging lei garlands on the sandy beach, one is easily transported to paradise!

This charming beach has all it takes to make your day a great one. There is an indoor restaurant for your meals & an outdoor Teppanyaki tent when I visited to celebrate the Spring & it was packed with people imbibing the wonderful atmosphere as well as chilled beers with the grilled skewers in a festive mood. Joie de vivre, La Dolce Vita or Amai Jinsei as the Japanese would say!

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