IMG_2197 copy
My personal moniker for Jalan Penang – “Chendol Street” is where you find the famous Teochew Chendul Ice Kacang Stall in George Town Pinang Island, Malaysia which constantly has a long queue.
IMG_2200 copy
Reaching for the forbidden fruit?
IMG_2202 copy
Pussy Cat in the window!
IMG_2204 copy
“Kah Lu Kong Hokkien” – Teach you to speak Hokkien,  a Chinese dialect widely spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines  with the diaspora of Min descendants from mainly Fujian & Guangdong Province in China emigrating to Southeast Asia during the 19th century till around 1950.  It is also known as ‘Min Nan Yu’ which is spoken in Fujian Province, Eastern Guangdong, Hainan, Southern Zhejiang & Taiwan.
This steel-rod sculpture is a tribute to Internationally renown Shoemaker Datuk Jimmy Choo who spent much of his childhood in the area of Muntri Street, Love Lane, Penang Road & Hutton Lane.
Hang on, sit tight & enjoy the ride!
Slightly washed-out but this gigantic Ginger cat  is watching the mouse around the corner!
Those sad but realistic eyes caught my attention!
I definitely see the rabbit looking up at something but what is it exactly? Help me if you can!
Are you watching my back?
Not “The Taming of the Shrew” but of the Dragon!
Steel-rod sculpture advertisement of Poh Hock Seah Twa Peh Kong Temple.
Stub it out!  “Only you can stop air pollution”.

There are countless steel-rod sculptures & plenty of street art in Penang that is waiting to be discovered. These are just a few that I stumbled across. Besides eating & shopping in Penang, one activity that you can do is to search for the Street art that is scattered all over George Town. Happy hunting!


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