Eastern Bound in Iceland

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Fog rises as the cold currents hit the land that is slowly warming up under the bright sunlight.
What an amazing morning drive, as the landscape changes where black sandy beaches appear intermittently on this rugged eastern coastline.
Wildflowers & moss adorn the jagged rocks which give respite to the Arctic Terns . I enjoy the tranquility that the landscape evokes.
Unspoilt beautiful black beaches can be found on the south eastern shores of Iceland.
A long & lonely road!
An out of this world landscape of moss field & pointed lava rocks painting a picture of desolation.
There are over 606 species of moss in Iceland & they cover extensive areas of the lava fields. Extremely hardy they thrive under harsh conditions & grow about 1cm every year by absorbing water & nutrients through their leaves & sunlight for photosynthesis turning carbon dioxide into organic food & releasing oxygen as a by-product. As summer approaches phlox moss & other grasses & shrubs also start to spring up in profusion.
A great spot to have a little picnic & to take in the picturesque surrounding.
A sheep farm at Djúpivogur near the mouth of Berufjörđur with a fantastic backdrop of snow clad mountains.

This stretch of my road trip on the Ring Road proved to be so enjoyable &  picturesque & the road surface was mostly good with light traffic. Iceland is so sparsely populated with a population of only 337,780 listed in 2018, covering a land area of 103,000km².

It is truly unspoilt & I love the wide open spaces, clean air & unpolluted water which we can drink straight from the tap.

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