The Crystal Clouds contain thousands of Swarovski crystals & though not lit up, you can already imagine how shimmery & mesmerising they would be lighted up. This frames the Jewel’s North Gateway Garden.
The South Gateway Garden at the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1 where statuesque Palm trees transport you to a modern oasis.
Psychedelic rings rise & fall in rhythm creating a rippling effect on the calm waters.
A hypnotic sequence of gentle sound and momentum bringing a soothing calm if you but pause in your hurried steps.
From where I stand at the Canopy Park, I spot a large crowd gathering at Level 1 where the HSBC Rain Vortex is. This 40m falls is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall & it sets the stage for a spectacular Light & Sound Show which runs hourly from 8.30pm – 12.30am
The best location to get a panoramic view of the Jewel is at the Viewing Deck on Level 2, be it day or night. The Sky Trains pass through the Jewel too, if you like a free ride & to see the Jewel from a different perspective.
A Chameleon spotted along the Topiary Walk at Canopy Park. More than 900 trees & palms & about 60,000 shrubs have been sourced from around the world to create this garden wonderland within the Jewel.
The reflections of the Jewel in the still waters of the Lily Pond at Canopy Park on the highest level.
I found Dumbo on the scene.
The Discovery Slides is a cool one-of-a-kind adventure set within a reflective sculpted art installation. It is a world of fun for the young & young at heart, whether you spiral down in enclosed tubes or descend over open declines.
Judging by the crowds & the squeals of delight, these Foggy Bowls which are concave depressions in the ground spew forth mist sporadically creating a cloud like atmosphere which naturally drew the children’s attention. I the passive spectator in turn enjoyed the excited chatter & frolicking.
This boasts to be one of the largest indoor net attractions in the world & it combines a Bouncing Net & a Walking Net in a unique 2-1 play attraction. Watch out for it as well as the Hedge & Mirror Mazes & Canopy Bridge which are slated to open Mid 2019.
The Petal Garden is a good spot to rest your tired feet & to be surrounded by pretty flowers in a pocket of perennial spring.
Dining at Canopy Park under the Stars was a special experience. It was lovely because it felt like alfresco dining in a cool environment minus the hot & humid temperatures that Singapore is accustomed to. And the trees & foliage just gave the place a naturalistic surrounding that I soon forgot I was indoors.
The amazing thing about the Jewel that scores high in my books is the lushness of the trees & greenery that surrounds you in this gigantic ball of glass & steel. The Shiseido Forest Valley (West Trail) includes an interactive art installation created to enhance your experience at the Jewel & the Shiseido Forest Valley (East Trail) allows you to take a leisurely hike up & leads you past the cascading waterfalls on the east side of the Jewel.
The Immersion Garden is where the waterfall ends. Verdant landscaping encircles the falls which changes its hue every few seconds.
The fun never seems to end as visitors pose to take photos & selfies & you can enjoy the view of the falls by trying the various dining options available at Level B2 where the Food Court is located.

The Jewel is located at Changi International Airport’s Terminal 1 & this Singapore newbie was officially opened on 17th Apr 2019. Construction started on 5th Dec 2014 at the cost of S$1.7billion.

This Dazzling Jewel includes gardens, attractions, a hotel, aviation facilities & about 300 retail & dining facilities. The gross floor area of the whole complex is 135,700m² spanning 10 levels; 5 basement storeys & 5 above ground. From international marques to local labels you will find everything you need at the “World’s Marketplace”. Pick up uniquely Singapore gifts & savour the local cuisine or catch the latest blockbusters at the Shaw Cinema.

As a local, I could feel the joy, excitement & pride of Singaporeans as they clamoured to visit the Jewel during the Preview window, before it was officially opened to the public.

You really have to come see this amazing place for yourself when you get a chance to whether it is a Stopover flight or a visit to sunny Singapore. Don’t say I didn’t let you in on this little secret!

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