This quaint, little bookshop located on the main thoroughfare of Oia in Santorini has gained so much popularity in recent years that tourists have included it in their must do list.
This is the only bookshop in Oia & it is special just because it is housed in a Cycladic cave house that hangs on the cliffs of the caldera overlooking the Aegean Sea.
Atlantis Books was first conceptualised in 2002 when two friends Craig & Oliver from Oxford University were holidaying in Santorini & ran out of books to read.
In 2004, they returned & set up the hypothetical bookshop with the help of friends from Cyprus, England & the United States.
The shelves are really chock a block full of literary masterpieces.
There is literature in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese & Greek. They also carry new & used books of modern classic fiction & non-fiction with a decent selection of peotry, philosophy, art & all things of Greek interest.
Atlantis Book is unusual in many ways from the homey feel to the interesting display of books & decor. There is actually a bunker at the back of the house & someone actually lives there. This little space is also shared by a dog & a cat adding to the ambience.
In 2016, Atlantis Books made it to National Geographic’s edition of “Destinations of a Lifetime.” Craig Walzer, one of the original founders of this iconic bookstore is amused by the accolades & isn’t complaining about the good fortune & publicity.
Notice the scribbles on the roof, that document the time line of the store’s history, its development from start-up to the crisis in 2011 when the bookshop almost folded.
The upper roof of the bookshop is a lovely place to hangout & soak up some sun & have a good read on hand.
Atlantis Books has a breathtaking view but more than that, this place is a delight for voracious readers who can meet other book lovers & engage in meaningful conversations.

For globetrotters who are looking for a different keepsake, it might be a rare antiquarian book or a collector’s first editions that you want to scour for at Atlantis Books.

Just beware the hoards of tourists that come off the big ships on day trips, who also want to visit this picturesque & quaint bookshop.

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