The official address for Lake Daylesford is Leggatt Street, Daylesford, Victoria 3460 Australia.
Lake Daylesford was originally a gold mining site that eventually got transformed into an artificial lake in 1927.
Driving along Bleakley Street that sort of cuts the lake into 2 sections. The Lake Houses and Lakeleigh Daylesford accommodations are both on the left side of this street.
We headed out early in the morning for a walk around the circumference of the lake which we were told was an easy walk that would take about 1hr and a half at a leisurely pace. That was good as I was planning on taking loads of pictures.
Lake Daylesford was designed by Walter Burley Griffin , the American architect who won the competition to design the city of Canberra. The lake was formed when they dammed up Wombat Creek above The Central Springs in 1929.

This ornamental body of water was created to beautify the scarred creek landscape. With an average depth of 2m and a maximum depth of 9m this artificial is fed by Wombat Creek with the primary outflow at Molonglo River.
Daylesford is one of Australia’s few spa towns and is a notable tourist attraction. The are numerous spas, restaurants, galleries, gardens and country style house converted Bed and Breakfast places for let.
The swimming area with a proper launch platform and stairs to get back ashore easily.
Boathouse Restaurant in Daylesford is located lakeside with splendid views and has fairly good food reviews.
Lake Daylesford stands at the surface elevation of 531m and is home to the fishes like the Common Carp, Rainbow Trout & European Perch.
A pier on the opposite side of the Boathouse Restaurant.
The water on the lake is so calm that an almost perfect reflection is caught.
It is really an enjoyable walk at the serene lake on this cold and crispy morning of 6°C. We watch the Black swans gliding happily by.
We also chanced upon this Purple Swamphen having a bath. They are commonly found throughout eastern and northern Australia.
We have a Red, totally round capped Toadstool, Amanita muscaria or known by the common name Fly agarics. Arguably the most iconic toadstool species recognised and encountered in popular culture like Mario’s Super Mushroom power up or the Smurf’s houses. The Red Death Cap mushrooms are larger in size and more orangy in colour but both are poisonous and shouldn’t be consumed like your regular fungi.

This was a morning well spent, walking around this picturesque lake; listening to the chirping birds, smelling the crisp fresh air and taking a whole lot of photographs. It is lovely being so close to nature, just taking it all in and feeling so alive and refreshed! Peace Mile Walk is about 2.8km long and brisk walkers can probably do the whole perimeter of Lake Daylesford in under 45mins.

After we wandered out to the main street, it was off to another adventure as we made a beeline for the iconic Pancho Cafe at 117 Vincent St to replenish the calories we expanded earlier! A must try if you are in the vicinity – go for the Pancho Eggs on Sourdough Rye with Avocado & Broccolini, Curried Omelette with Dill, Potatoes & Smoked Trout and finish off with their yummilicious Carrot Cake downed with a nice cup of Cappuccino.

This day definitely hit a sweet spot for me. C’est la vie! Dolce vita!

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