Happy Hour @ Hippie Fish = Happy Me!

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Along the stunning beach front of Agio Ioannis in Mykonos which lies on the South Western part of the island a mere 3.5km from the Town Centre.
The Hippie Fish is a chic restaurant that first started in 1964 & has since seen many facelifts to be what it is today. This is one restaurant like no other as they even offer an array of Wellbeing treatments & therapies on a deluxe beach bed by the sea.
Agios Ioannis Beach is considered one of the most beautiful situated in the south-west of Mykonos island & it is dotted with numerous hotels & restaurants. I was told this is a fantastic place to catch spectacular sunsets!
Hippie Fish is a multi space restaurant that has indoors & alfresco dining along Agios Ioannis beach. You can lounge around & have drinks or dine whilst watching the sun go down.
Tuna Tartare, Salmon Sushi from the Sushi Bar & a tray of Fresh Clams & Oysters Platter that is super fresh & sweet for starters if you are into raw food.
The Fried Calamari was tender & chewy at the same time & the sweetness & the flavour of the sea is released with each morsel.
One of the Main Courses was this yummy Linguini with Fresh Seafood. Hippie Fish prides itself for using fresh catches of the day & quality ingredients to produce the best dining experience for their customers.
Grilled Salmon on a bed of Chickpea creme. The dishes in this restaurant are prepared using the wealth of the Aegean Sea & the land of Greece & by carefully choosing the freshest ingredients to meet the high standards of the kitchen.
Hippie Fish’s menu may focus on its famous seafood & vegetables but they did justice to this Grilled Black Angus Beef with Fresh Green Salad too.
Not only is the ambience at Hippie Fish relaxed, welcoming & comfortable; it combines harmoniously Cycladean architecture with modern aesthetics.
We have a fantastic view of the island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo which was also a major religious centre & port during 1st BC.
I can’t think of a better way to spend time in Mykonos, then to swirl a drink, enjoy a great dining experience out here with delicious food, a chilled out kind of evening with a fantastic panoramic sea view & a beautiful Cycladic sunset to boot.
Hippie Fish happens to be the original location where the movie “Shirley Valentine” was filmed & released by Paramount Studios in 1989. This beach was made famous by the scene where the romance between Shirley Valentine & Costas was born.
The visit to Hippie Fish is one that can be described in a nutshell as a “multi dimensional experience”!

When I read that Agios Ionnais was considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, I thought to myself… aren’t most beaches in Mykonos equally attractive. Then I read about Hippie Fish being a cool place to hang out for drinks & dinner; & I thought a restaurant by the beachfront should be fun!

But as they say, seeing is really believing…

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