We boarded this luxurious catamaran that took about fourteen of us that afternoon. Pick up time was around 2.30pm from a meeting point near my hotel in Oia & we were transported in a van to the Port of Vilchada located at the southern end of Santorini.
The sky was clear and so blue and the water was even bluer in comparison. A jet skier passed us, just as we sailed passed the Akrotiri Lighthouse perched on the cliff top. The lighthouse was built in 1892 & is one of Greece’s oldest & a popular spot on Santorini to sunset watch.
Santorini’s caldera is an active, submerged volcanic crater that last erupted in 1950. It measures about 12 by 7 km with 300m steep cliffs on 3 sides. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, it is 120km north of Crete in Greece.
Swimming at the Hot Springs of Palea Kameni was an interesting experience though the water was cold rather than hot & salty. The sulphuric orange-tinged water that bubbles up into this shallow cove is said to be curative for skin & joint ailments.
Lying on the southwestern tip of Santorini just beyond the ancient settlement of Akrotiri lies the Black Beach and the sea stack called Black Mountain. Some say this distinctive rock formation looks like the profile of a Red Indian whilst others see the face of Spyridon Marinatos, the archaeologist who discovered the site of prehistoric Akrotiri.
We stopped close to the White Beach which had lots of little fishes swimming alongside but the water was frigid. So I got out in a jiffy!
The White Beach or Mesa Pigadia Beach gets it’s name from the surrounding white giant cliffs. It is not a white sandy beach as the name so suggests but rather a stretch of black pebbles.
The secluded Black Beach faces away from the caldera and looks towards the deep blue expanse of sea to the south. The open view, clear waters and calmness makes this beach special.
Enjoyed a BBQ dinner on board the catamaran with an open bar, as we anticipated the grand finale…the spectacular sunset.
We moored by the Red Beach for a refreshing swim and snorkeling. This smallish Beach is surrounded by red hills and volcanic rocks that creates a captivating and wild scenery. It is near the village of Akrotiri where you can park your car and walk downhill along a rather treacherous path to get to the beach. Alternatively you can get there by boat from Akrotiri Port.
Santorini is known for the best sunsets in the world and travellers flock here to soak in the spectacular views as the little villages are painted in pastel hues just as the sun disappears from the horizon.
We were fortunate to have a good, clear sunny day and not too strong winds that would have made the sea too choppy and unsuitable for sailing.
The sun weighed heavily on the water line, sinking very quickly and disappearing from sight in a twinkling of the eye.
The golden afterglow of the fiery ball plays up the silhouette of the countless catamarans plying the caldera for the best sunset views.
We sailed back to Port Vilchada as our sunset adventure drew to a close.
The whole surrounding was painted in captivating and pretty pastel shades of pinks and purples

During my stay in Santorini, I went to great lengths to catch the sunsets from a vantage point. The caldera cruise was a great and enjoyable adventure, not to be missed when you are there! The breathtaking sunsets; Nature’s best display, what more can you ask for?

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