Richmond Oysters is situated at 437-441 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne Victoria 3121, Australia Established since 1959 , this is one of Melbourne’s finest seafood restaurant, retailer & wholesaler
Richmond Oysters Philosophy is simple : “We serve premium quality seafood for the enjoyment of all. Welcome to the world of the Oyster!”
The interior d├ęcor was not fancy but the friendly service & lovely seafood made up for it
Bar area where you can chill for the evening
Counter towards the back of the restaurant where you can pick up fresh seafood or order from their take away menu to go


This Deluxe Seafood Platter was nothing short of fantastic. On this top deck served cold was Salmon Sashimi, Natural Oysters, Moreton Bay Bugs (Crayfish as some would call it) & Boiled Xi Tiger Prawns
The lower deck with seafood served hot comprising of Xi Tiger Prawns, Hervey Bay Scallops, Mussels in a flavourful Tomato sauce, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Mornay Lobster, Soft Shell Crab & a Whole Baked Red Snapper
This amazing Deluxe Seafood Platter though slightly pricey, was more than sufficient for 4 of us. I am not big on fried foods, so I liked the cold stuff better
An appetizing Marinara Linguini with a generous serving of calamari, chilli, fish, mussel, prawn & scallop
Seafood Paella which was fairly good but not the best I have had however… the overall dining experience at Richmond Oysters was good! Although seafood is their specialty here, there are steaks, chicken & other interesting sides & salads available too

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