Boat ride on Otaru Canal which was an important part of the city’s port during the first half of the 20th century
Otaru is a port city in Hokkaido & it is about half an hour’s drive away from Sapporo. The city is by the Ishikari Bay & is a popular tourist destination
Otaru Canal was built in 1923 & was formerly useful in the transhipment of cargo from the larger vessels to the godowns for storage
Central Otaru faces Ishikari Bay on one side & is surrounded by mountains on the others. As the skies began darkening, a fog hovered near the foot of the mountains
Thanks to a citizens’ movement the canal was preserved & not land filled in 1986, so that even the seagulls can get to enjoy the canal
The canal is 1140m long & 40m wide with a pedestrian walkway running alongside
It took about 9 years to complete the construction of Otaru Canal, which was crowded in the 1920’s with barges ferrying coal & marine products
Captured a little of the passing mist as it swept through Otaru city at around 10.30pm
The temperature lowered as the night deepened
The canal became obsolete when modern docking facilities made loading & unloading large vessels a breeze
Reflections of the godowns of yester years, which are now converted to a slew of watering holes, restaurants & cafes
After dark… when the romantic Victorian lamps are lit & couples enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Otaru canal
Otaru Canal
View of Otaru Canal & Ishikari Bay from Sonia Hotel at 3.45am
Beautiful Sunrise Over The Land of the Rising Sun


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