Tzisdarakis Mosque, now housing the Museum of Ceramics, Hadrian’s Library (Ruins of Ancient Roman Library) & Monastiraki Metro Station dominates most of Monastiraki Square in Athens, Greece. Nestled at the Northwestern base of the Acropolis, this square is a popular meeting place for the locals & a converging point for tourists passing through to get to sightseeing spots that are dotted around the Acropolis.
Monastiraki Square sits at the heart of old Athens & it is a bustling place where tourists & locals come shopping & dining at the many restaurants & tavernas that are chock a block.
Colourful fruit vendors all lined outside Monastiraki Metro Station.
I am always drawn to these inviting fruit-stands with their colourful & attractively displayed trays of fresh fruit.
All these beautiful & sccullent local produce like pears, peaches, apricots, nectarines, grapes, bananas, figs & promegrantes are beckoning us & to take a bite!
The Monastiraki Flea Market at Ifestou begins properly here, right between the 360 Degrees Hotel building & Monastiraki Metro station.
Souvenirs that you can take home as reminders of your wonderful time spent in Athens & the sun-kissed Greek islands scattered mostly in the Aegean Sea.
I am holding here a large piece of Koulouria which I have turned into a horseshoe. You have got to try this traditional Greek bread ring which is sesame crusted, crunchy on the outside & soft & chewy on the inside. The Greeks have this for breakfast & you can eat it with spreads like butter, honey or jam; or if you prefer it savoury… Feta, Graviera cheese & Kalamata olives! You can’t go wrong with this ubiquitous snack that is freshly baked, absolutely delicious & sold by pushcart vendors.
Flea markets are such fun places to visit because the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed & there is a fascinating myriad of items to scour through that is interesting to look at & without any pressure to buy.
There are items here that bring back fond memories of things we had or used to do in the good ole days! Antiques that are iconic in their era, pretty & in totally good condition that makes you itch to carry a piece home.
Just look at all these interesting brass wares! Old coins, door knobs, knockers, ashtrays, picture frames, hand bells, candleholders, letter openers etc…. a full feast for the eyes! There are also several lanes of eclectic shops selling bric-a-brac where you can wander.
Crockery, cutlery & colourful ornaments that would embellish our homes… Part of the excitement of purchasing items at a Flea market, is that you can do bargaining. If you are Asian like me, you would totally understand how haggling is part & parcel of our lives!
Monastiraki Flea Market is tiny compared to Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market but it is still a great way to spend quality time with your family, just browsing, snacking on street food, winding down… to having a nice meal at a restaurant.
If you dine at the roof top of Cafe Avissinia, you would have a fantastic view of the Acropolis which would be lit up at night.
The Moussaka, Fried SeaBass, Calamari Rings & Baked Lamb were all homestyle dishes but they were appetising, wholesome & flavourful. My companions & I left smiling as we were pleasantly satiated & totally satisfied!

When you are in Athens & would like a slight reprieve from looking at the “ruins” , Monastiraki Flea Market & the surroundings would be a great place to explore. You will get to experience how the locals mingle, shop, eat & people-watch at the countless cafes & restaurants.

I visited Monastiraki Flea Market way before the onset of CoVid 19, so do exercise discretion & social-distancing whenever appropriate.

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